Participate in the MIDFIELD Data Collection


The MIDFIELD (Multi-Institutional Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development) project invites institutions to contribute to one of the most comprehensive higher education databases. By participating in this data collection initiative, institutions can access valuable insights and contribute to the broader understanding of higher education trends and student outcomes.

How to Participate

  1. Contact the Project Principal Investigator (PI):
    • PI Name: Dr. Joe Roy
    • Organization: American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
    • Email:
    • Reach out to Joe Roy for an initial discussion about your institution’s participation. He will provide detailed information about the data collection process, requirements, and benefits.
  2. Data Contribution Agreement:
    • Upon expressing interest, your institution will receive a Data Contribution Agreement. This document outlines the terms of participation, data privacy, and ethical considerations.
  3. Institutional Approval:
    • Secure the necessary internal approvals from your institution. This may involve discussions with provosts, your institutional research officer, the registrar and other key stakeholders.
    • Ensure that your institution can commit to the ethical and secure handling of student data.
  4. Data Submission Guidelines:
    • Once the agreement is in place, you will receive detailed guidelines for data submission. These guidelines will cover the format, types of data required, and timelines for submission.
    • MIDFIELD aims to collect a wide range of data, including student demographics, academic performance, and progression metrics.
  5. Data Submission and Verification:
    • Submit your institution’s data as per the provided guidelines.
    • The MIDFIELD team will verify the data for completeness and accuracy. You may be contacted for clarification or additional information.

Benefits of Participation

  • Access to MIDFIELD Data: Participating institutions gain access to the current MIDFIELD database. This access includes:
    • Institutional Research: Utilize the data for internal research to inform policy, curriculum design, and student support services.
    • Business Purposes: Leverage insights for strategic planning, accreditation processes, and showcasing institutional strengths.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Become part of a growing network of institutions committed to advancing engineering education. Collaborate, share best practices, and engage in joint research initiatives.
  • Contribution to the Field: Your institution’s data contribution will significantly enhance the understanding of educational pathways, benefiting the academic community and future¬† students.

Contact for More Information

For further details or any queries, please contact Dr. Joe Roy at We look forward to your institution’s valuable contribution to the MIDFIELD project.

Note: Participation in the MIDFIELD data collection is voluntary and subject to the approval of your institution’s relevant governing bodies.