Accessing the MIDFIELD Data Set: Pricing and Terms


The MIDFIELD (Multi-Institutional Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development) data set is a valuable resource for researchers and institutions seeking comprehensive insights into engineering education and student development. This database encompasses a wealth of anonymized student records, offering a unique opportunity for in-depth analysis and research.

Pricing Structure

To ensure that MIDFIELD is accessible to a wide range of researchers while sustaining its operational and developmental costs, the following *pricing structure has been established:

National Science Foundation (NSF) Funded Projects
Cost: $9,995
This discounted rate is offered to support research projects funded by or proposed for funding by the NSF. It’s our way of contributing to the advancement of scientific research and knowledge dissemination.

Non-Profit Organizations
Cost: $11,995
Recognizing the financial constraints often faced by non-profit entities, we offer a reduced rate to these organizations. This rate applies to universities, research institutes, and other non-profit organizations.

Other Institutions
Cost: $19,995
For all other institutions, including for-profit entities and corporate research divisions, the standard rate applies.

Terms and Conditions

  1. License Agreement: Access to the MIDFIELD data set is governed by a comprehensive license agreement, which outlines permissible uses, confidentiality requirements, and data security protocols.
  2. Data Usage: The data set is provided for research purposes only. Any commercial use or distribution is strictly prohibited.
  3. Support: Basic support for data access and initial queries is included in the cost. Additional support may be available for a fee.
  4. Updates: The dataset is updated periodically. Access to updates may require an additional fee, depending on the nature of the update and the terms of the initial agreement.
  5. Compliance: All users must comply with relevant data protection laws and institutional review board (IRB) requirements.

Contact Information
For more information, to request access, or to discuss the terms and conditions in more detail, please contact Dr. Joseph Roy, at

*Note: Prices and terms are subject to change. Please contact us for the most current information.*