Requesting Access to MIDFIELD Data

Initiating Your Research Journey with MIDFIELD

Early Engagement for Funding Proposals

  • Pre-Proposal Contact: We encourage researchers to reach out for data access prior to submitting proposals for any external or internal funding. Early engagement ensures you have all the necessary information to craft a robust proposal.
  • Cost Details: For comprehensive information about the costs associated with accessing the MIDFIELD data, please visit our dedicated pricing page at MIDFIELD Data Access Costs.

Special Provisions for Doctoral Students

  • Direct Contact for Inquiry: Doctoral students interested in utilizing the MIDFIELD data for their dissertation research should directly email Dr. Joe Roy at
  • Restricted Use Agreement: A specialized restricted use agreement is available for doctoral students, acknowledging the unique nature of doctoral research and its requirements.
  • Personalized Discussion: Engaging in a direct discussion with Dr. Roy will provide doctoral students with tailored guidance and clarity on how MIDFIELD data can best serve their research needs.

Funding the Future of MIDFIELD

  • Sustaining the Data Collection: The fees for accessing the MIDFIELD data are not merely transactional. They are pivotal in ensuring the ongoing success, maintenance, and expansion of this invaluable data collection.
  • Investing in Continued Research Excellence: Your contribution through these costs supports the continuous enhancement of the MIDFIELD database, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge resource for years to come.

Joining the MIDFIELD Research Community

By requesting access to the MIDFIELD data, you are taking a significant step towards contributing to the field of educational research. We look forward to supporting your academic endeavors and welcoming you into our community of dedicated researchers.